6 astuces pour renforcer son système immunitaire en hiver

6 tips to boost your immune system in winter

Winter is fast approaching! But winter often rhymes with ordeal when you fall ill. Viruses, bacteria and other microbes of all kinds, the best solution is anticipation. For this, we suggest you strengthen your immune system. 


But what is the immune system for? 

The immune system is a complex defense mechanism of the human body. It is triggered by the body when it is attacked by a virus or bacteria. This will fight against external aggressions by different processes.  

It is composed of several levels of action including many components, among them: the skin, white blood cells, antibodies, or even the intestine.  

Although some immunity is acquired over time, this system can weaken or strengthen depending on our lifestyle.  


When does my immune system weaken?  

There are many reasons for a weakening of the immune system, they are often linked to your lifestyle: a diet poor in good nutrients, stress, lack of sleep, ... To counter this, here are some tips:

1. Stock up on vitamin D  

In addition to giving energy, vitamin D activates the white blood cells which produce antibodies and help fight against various microbes.  

Vitamin D is present in many foods such as fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, etc.), cheeses, or even mushrooms. You can also take the air as soon as the sun shows the tip of its nose!

2. Escape fatigue with magnesium  

Like vitamin D, magnesium stimulates white blood cells, but it also has an anti-fatigue action that can give you a daily boost.  

It can be found in wholemeal breads and rice, seafood, but also in almonds, coffee and chocolate: a good reason to treat yourself, but be careful not to abuse it 😉  

3. Limit your sugar intake  

Researchers have shown that too much sugar consumption can reduce the efficiency of white blood cells, thus increasing your risk of falling ill. To reduce your consumption we have found natural alternatives here.

4. Find a physical activity you enjoy  

Sport has the ability to boost the immune defences, this reduces the risk of falling ill, but also allows faster healing and less violent symptoms when you catch a virus.  

The important thing is to find an activity that you like, to want to practice it regularly and to be sure to exercise properly. But beware ! Excessive physical activity can tire the body excessively and lower the immune system.  

5. Take time for yourself  

The goal is to RELAX, breathe a little and reduce your daily stress. Take a little time in your week to do an activity, read, go out for fresh air, this allows you to avoid stress, fatigue and overwork which weaken your body.  

6. Find a good sleep pattern  

It is well known that a good sleep pattern is very restorative for the body. Remember to go to bed early enough and to take a quiet time without screens before sleeping.  


If, despite all these tips, you feel that your immune system is not fully effective, opt for food supplements such as Immunité , which will become your daily health ally and boost your energy!  

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