• Justine

    The packaging is superb and the delivery fast. I lost weight very quickly and I felt the appetite suppressant effect after two days. I also recommend it's French.

  • Sarah

    I tested the three products of this brand, really great. The cure is very healthy and safe, I highly recommend this brand.

  • Joyceline

    My naturopath spoke about these gummies with very good feedback. I've been taking the gummies for almost 3 weeks now. I love them! Taste level is very good, real little candies! My hair is shinier, less dull and I lose less when washing. I will renew my cure without hesitation.

  • Maéva

    I used the Lundigo hair and nail treatment, visible results in less than a month! My hair is shinier, it's also a boost for growth! I recommend this treatment which brings well-being to the nails as well as to the hair.

  • Anne

    I recommend their dietary supplements!
    They are composed of natural Mediterranean ingredients and are made in France.
    I tested tablets that boost my immunity (lemon flavor, to chew) and give me energy. I was also able to discover the hair & nail gummies (fruits of the forest flavor) to strengthen my hair and my nails.

  • Chloé

    The gummies for Hair and Nails are just incredible: they smell very very good of red fruits and they are pleasant to eat like real little candies! The composition contains everything I was looking for to help my hair for this winter, I can't wait to see the results on my hair but it can only do them good!

  • Océane

    I am testing the hair treatment and I must admit that I am particularly surprised! Hair is shinier and stronger! On top of that the gummies are simply delicious!!
    I love this product and highly recommend it!

  • Alice

    Very good discovery! I didn't know much about Lundigo products before, but I was won over. I took the lemon and ginger immunity supplements and frankly the taste is very pleasant and they are easy to swallow. Of course the product is natural and made in France so it's a huge plus!

  • Emily

    A great brand that respects the environment. The box arrived in a sublime box that already smelled so good of the Mediterranean!
    I really recommend this product!

  • Joan

    I was able to test the Hair and Nails treatment and I loved it. I noticed a real difference, especially in the growth of my hair. My nails were also much less brittle.

  • Sana

    I use the appetite suppressant cure, 2 to 3 times a year, to cure myself and do some rebalancing from time to time.

  • Emily

    This is the first time I have discovered a chewable tablet. I find the format really handy. The tablets are pleasant to the taste and I find that it helps with the respiratory level.

  • Luna

    Very happy with this experience
    company at the top and listening, good values, quality products, and the best on everything!!

  • Laura

    Their dietary supplements are made with natural Mediterranean ingredients and I love them.
    Currently, I take the tablets that boost my immunity with a delicious lemon flavor that helps me daily to take care of my immune system and restore my energy.

  • Sabrina

    I really enjoyed taking food supplements in the form of gummies and chewable candies. Indeed the gummies cure has a very good taste and can be taken at any time of the day and the immunity cure is easy to take for the whole family and we loved this lemon side.

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