Survivre aux fêtes de fin d’année : oui c’est possible !

Surviving the holiday season: yes it is!

Do you also already smell the good smells of Christmas and New Year meals? These smells of spices, sweet and savory ... Yes, we too can imagine ourselves already! The end of the year celebrations are synonymous with fun and sharing, but also with excess. And that's when a battle begins to rage within us. Deprive yourself or have fun? Starve yourself so you can have fun afterwards?

What if it was possible to have fun without having to hide our scales for days and days for fear of the numbers that will show up? We are going to give you some tips that will allow you to pass this period without a hitch but above all without frustration!

First, we'll start with the tips of what not to do:

  • There is no point in starting a diet for the holidays so that you "can eat whatever you want." Your body may feel a difference, a lack that it will fill as soon as you eat more in order to anticipate other deprivations. Our body is designed for survival, of itself, it will take the party to store for the periods of "famine" that you impose on it. The efforts on the plate are made throughout the year, not a week before the holidays and a week after!

What's more, you risk eating more than you would have eaten if you hadn't started this drastic diet.

  • It is also pointless not to have breakfast or to eat very light for lunch before the New Year's Eve dinner. Once again, you'll end up going for the aperitif. Big mistake ! It is important to eat in sufficient quantity.
  • Avoid adopting the "Foutu pour foutu" strategy by refilling several times of this fabulous gratins dauphinois, this wonderful foie gras or even eating all the afternoon these little chocolates on the table and which make you eye. We therefore avoid snacking and we prefer fruits or a herbal tea in case of a little hunger between lunch and dinner.

Important things to do:

  • Keep hydrated: It sounds obvious, but it's important to drink plenty of water. This will allow you to drain your body. In addition, water is a natural appetite suppressant, it helps prevent snacking by filling the stomach, thus preventing cravings.
  • If you are the host, offer healthier alternatives during the aperitif without depriving yourself of 1 or 2 small puffs: chewable vegetables, small healthy verines ... Show your imagination to make healthy little bites as appealing as the usual party bites.
  • If you drink a little alcohol, choose wine and champagne rather than strong alcohols, which are often higher in sugar. Also consume with reason, a glass of champagne and a glass of wine at the table will prevent excessively increasing your calorie intake.
  • Take the time to eat and chew, this is not a race but a moment of sharing where it is important to make the most of every moment.
  • After your meal, enjoy some family time by going for a bit of a walk! This will surely be an opportunity to inaugurate a few gifts but above all to keep physical activity. The more athletic can very well do a small workout in the morning before meals, the calorie expenditure at the end of the day will then be more important.
  • Between the Christmas and New Year's meals, eat lighter, prefer less rich meals: soups, soups, veloutés ... this accompanied by a source of lean protein such as fish for example Our body is everything quite capable of compensating for excesses but only when they are only occasional. If they are recurring, it is the assured weight gain so hop we make a little effort and we put the leftovers in the freezer so as not to accumulate too much excess.

Finally, the advice that we think is the most important to give you is to D É-CUL-PA-BI-LISER! Treat yourself, but with good reason! It’s not a bad meal day if you follow all the advice we have given you; especially if you've made an effort all year. Frustration and deprivation lead to temptation, you crave a little chocolate, take it instead of struggling all day and end up eating 10 at once when your brain is tired of struggling!

Also, plan now to resume good habits and do not hesitate to follow the LundiGo treatment to boost drainage after the holidays! Come on, we believe in you, these end of year celebrations will no longer be a survival mission but a pleasure!

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