Et si le sommeil était en partie la solution ?

What if sleep was part of the solution?

The importance of sleep

Let's start with the stats: according to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition , people who sleep less than the recommended minimum number of hours per night consume an average of 385 calories more the next day. 385 calories, what is it? It's a good bowl of cereal, for example, on top of what you would usually eat!

Which means that we would then exceed our daily requirement by 385 calories. And how do you gain weight? By a caloric surplus precisely! Especially that, let's be frank, when we are tired, we do not really go for healthy food!

Good, restful sleep helps regulate weight , but how? Sleep regulates the production of leptin and orexin, two hormones responsible for feeling full and storing fat, as well as ghrelin, which stimulates appetite.

What if sleep is part of the solution to regulating our weight?

Yes, but not only!

Quality sleep will certainly make it easier to control your weight, but it is also beneficial in other aspects that contribute to your well-being.

Who has never felt a drop in morale or a lack of energy when we have had a rather short night? We have already felt it anyway!

Here is a small list of the benefits of a good sleep on your well-being:

  • It's good for morale;
  • It helps to manage your emotions;
  • It boosts physical and intellectual performance;
  • It promotes memorization;
  • It accelerates healing;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • It protects against cardiovascular disease;
  • Finally, as mentioned, it allows good weight regulation.

If your night was too short and your day allows it, a nap of 1:30 to 3 hours will allow you to overcome all the inconveniences of a lack of sleep or a too hectic night knowing that restful sleep is obtained during the deep sleep phase which occurs during the first 3 hours of falling asleep.

To promote quality sleep, avoid screens at least 1 hour before your bedtime. Sleeping in total darkness would avoid keeping the brain alert and therefore allow more complete rest: therefore turn off all sources of light and do not leave the shutters open. It is well known that it is not recommended to eat foods that are too rich and too fatty in the evening to sleep better, but it is also not recommended to eat too light . The brain may spot a lack of energy in the body and be on alert to find a solution to this problem, resulting in your sleep will not have been restful!

Convinced of the benefits of sleep? Come on, from now on, we make sure to sleep well and in sufficient quantity to be at our best!

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