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How to treat yourself with suction cups? An ancestral practice that is back in fashion.

Cupping Therapy or vacuotherapy is a therapeutic practice that dates back to antiquity and is still widely used in China. It is now experiencing a new craze, especially with athletes and stars. Cupping can be used in many pathologies. They have proven their effectiveness in the management of digestive, rheumatological and even muscle problems. It is important to note that any treatment must first begin with a clinical assessment which will make it possible to define the suction cup technique most suited to the pathology to be treated.

The basic technique is relatively simple. It is sufficient to place suction cups on specific areas of the body related to the patient's troubles. By emptying the air from the suction cup, a suction phenomenon appears comparable to that of a syringe. This decongestant action stimulates the subcutaneous vessels and activates the circulation of blood vessels, lymph and energy. Basically, this is the same principle as when you get your finger stuck in a door and instinctively put it in your mouth to suck it in for pain relief.

There are many types of suction cups and different application techniques. Traditional suction cups are made of glass, horn or bamboo, but they are now found in plastic and silicone. There are 3 main application techniques.

  • The Flash suction cup

It is posed and removed in the same gesture. It allows to multiply the applications and thus to cover a larger part of the body.

  • The sliding suction cup

Applied to the back, the practitioner slides it while sucking. The speed of movement and the direction depend on the pathology to be treated.

  • The fixed suction cup

You simply put it in the chosen location and let it act for 5 minutes and then remove it to revive the energies and blood circulation which has been slowed down by the suction.

With vacuum therapy, we can work on both the energies and the mechanics of the body.

As for the energetic aspect, it is the acupuncture points located on the back level that will be used. Associated with suction cups, they will optimize the energy of certain organs.

Regarding the mechanical aspects, suction cups can act on certain muscle pains such as back pain, sciatica or rheumatism. Again they will be applied to specific places on the back.

The virtues of suction cups are not limited to these pathologies.

They are also effective for relaxing because they reduce muscle tension. They also fight against sleep disorders, respiratory ailments, headaches, stress or weight gain and even cellulite. They have attracted many athletes because they help recovery and reduce cramps.

Cupping works so don't hesitate, your body will thank you and the benefits for your health will be waiting for you.

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