Une séance de sport en confinement avec LundiGo

A sports session in confinement with LundiGo

1 week of confinement and you already walk around your home like a caged lion? Are you starting (if you haven't already) stared out of the corner of your eye at your cupboards and fridge? It is therefore the moment to find yourself a sporting activity that it is possible to do at home so that this confinement does not get the better of you and the efforts you have made for your line so far with in particular the taking of our LundiGo cure!

We think about our team and as you know, the practice of sport is more certain when we take our cure. This is why we are going to offer you a full body session to allow you to stay active. You won't need any special weight training equipment. Full water bottles will do the trick.

Full body session:

Start by warm up a bit by rotating your pelvis, neck, hands, ankles and arms for 2 minutes . This will prevent you from injuring yourself and will therefore allow you to have your muscles more ready for the effort ahead.

Are you warmed up, are you okay? Here we go!

1 minute squats.

Squat-LundiGo Well known exercise that mainly targets your thighs and glutes but not only! In fact, it is a poly-articular exercise that simultaneously calls on other muscles such as the calves, lumbar region, adductors and abs. You can add difficulty by holding a 1.5L water bottle to add some weight (of course, if you have weights that's even better).

1 minute front lunges on each leg (this exercise is called Forward Lunges).


An effective exercise to strengthen your legs and buttocks.

2 minute ankle extension (you will sometimes see this exercise called Heel Raise).

Extension-LundiGo The movement consists of lifting the ankles to be on tiptoe, coming down and then starting again. You will thus strengthen your calves. To add difficulty, you can hold 1.5L water bottles in each hand or weights, if available.

1 minute bicep curl (bicep curl)

Biceps-LundiGo Bring 1.5L bottles, weights, or a resistance band if you have it. This exercise involves flexing your forearms toward your shoulders, then slowly returning to the starting position to repeat for the entire minute of the exercise. Only the forearms should move and it is also important to tighten your body and bend your knees a bit.
You can either do both arms at the same time or one after the other for the duration of the exercise. exercise.

1 minute dips on a chair

Dips-LundiGo Starting position: The chair is behind you, you lean on it with your hands shoulder-width apart. You can have your legs bent at right angles or your legs stretched forward by leaning only on your heels.
Then just lower your buttocks gently downwards by bending your arms until they are flexed perpendicularly. Then, you have to go up by extending your arms until they are completely straight.
This exercise allows you to mainly target the triceps.

1 minute frontal elevation

Elevation-LundiGo Here is an exercise to work the front of the shoulders. The secondary muscles used are the pectorals, trapezius, biceps and forearms.
Take your bottles, hold them in your hands with the back of your hand facing the sky Legs slightly bent to avoid any injuries, start with your arms stretched out in front of your thighs. Next, raise your arms up to shoulder level.

Remember to wrap your body well during the operation.

1 minute of sheathing the board

planche-LundiGo Everyone knows this exercise… of torture certainly, but very complete. The board will strengthen your abs but also your back and shoulders. If you don't last 1 minute, start with 30 seconds. This is a fast progressing exercise when practiced regularly.

30 seconds of lateral sheathing on each side

Planche-coté-LundiGo It's sort of like planking but sideways to help eliminate the infamous love handles. It works the oblique abdominals.

You can do all these exercises with 20 seconds of rest between each. You do the circuit twice and this will give you a session of about 30 minutes of working muscle your whole body and at the same time working your cardio. A complete session that will keep you active!

However, we would like to reiterate that it is okay to sometimes lack motivation. We know that during this period, you see everyone taking up sport on social networks and it can sometimes make you feel guilty but it's ok if you just want to take advantage of this confinement to start learning a musical instrument. or learning a new language. The important thing is to be well in your head and in your body and we are here to support you no matter what! Take care of yourself and your loved ones, that's the most important thing for us!

Don't hesitate to tag us on social media if you do this session !.
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