5 astuces pour arrêter de se ronger les ongles

5 tips to stop biting your nails

It is an action that many practice... And it generates constraining, even painful consequences. I'm talking about onychophagia, or the act of nail biting. But then, why do we do this? how to stop this gesture? We tell you everything!

Why do we bite our nails?

Onychophagia can occur in different contexts:

  • A period of stress,
  • boredom,
  • A moment of high concentration
  • anxiety
  • Or, out of habit

This mania occurs frequently during childhood or adolescence and turns into a habit that clarifies in adulthood. However, it can also occur later depending on the different reasons mentioned above.

Very often considered unsightly, bitten nails can also be painful and cause chronic inflammation that is complicated to manage by the people concerned.

So how do you stop biting your nails?

Use bitter polish

This type of varnish is available in pharmacies. It is a transparent varnish that leaves a very unpleasant taste in the mouth. This polish can quickly inspire you to stop biting your nails to avoid having that bad taste in your mouth.

Moisturize your hands regularly

With the same goal as Amer varnish, moisturizing your hands regularly, when you bite your nails, you will taste like moisturizer and your hands will be oilier. Something to deter you.

Occupy your teeth with chewing gum

When this mania is due to stress, replace the action with chewing gum. Your stress will be evacuated by the action of hiding the chewing gum and you will think less about biting your nails.

Cover her nails with a beautiful manicure

When we have beautiful manicured nails it is more complicated to take the act of biting them. If that doesn't work, be drastic with fake nails, then you won't be able to bite them.

Always have a file on you

Keeping a file handy allows you to act quickly when you have irregularities on the nails to avoid trying to fix them with your teeth.

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