Que manger pour préparer sa peau au soleil ?

Prepare your skin for the sun

Did you know that eating well can help prepare your skin for the summer sun?

It is known and recognized that the properties of many foods have a significant effect on the quality of your skin in addition to being beneficial for your health. They prepare your skin for the bite of the sun. Everyone knows UV rays are dangerous for the skin, and as summer approaches it is important to prepare it well so that you can safely enjoy the beach.

Skin that is not well hydrated, that is not healthy and that is not prepared will be more vulnerable to the attacks of the sun.

To fully realize the importance of this preparation, you should know that the sun is responsible for 90% of skin aging. Its ultra-violet (UV) rays release free radicals into the skin in varying amounts depending on exposure time and skin type.

What are free radicals?

These are molecules created by our body or produced by external elements (pollution, the sun, tobacco, etc.). Their role is to protect us from viruses and germs. However, when present in too much quantity, they can attack our healthy cells and disrupt the body. With measured exposure to the sun, skin protection systems are able to control these free radicals. But otherwise, they will target our skin cells and become harmful to our body.

To counter their action, antioxidants are our best ally. They limit or block the phenomenon of molecular oxidation of free radicals.

With a specific and adapted food preparation, we can therefore counter the effects of free radicals and prepare our skin well for summer.

Remember that the foods that prepare your skin for the sun in no way replace sunscreen to protect you from UV rays. Its main action is to limit the aging of skin cells and thus boost your tan. Anti-UV filters in sunscreens are the first and most effective protection against sun damage. Remember to renew the application every two hours and after each swim, while avoiding the hottest hours of the day on the beach, between 12 and 4 p.m.


As we have just seen, they have a crucial role in the fight against free radicals. They are present in vitamins A, E and C, in selenium and zinc.

You can find vitamin A in egg yolks, fatty fish, butter, cheese, liver. Vitamin C in all citrus and red fruits, tomato, watercress, bell pepper, and E in vegetable oil, nuts, avocado and soybeans. As for zinc, it is found in wheat germ, wholemeal bread and calf's liver. Finally, selenium is mainly present in seafood, fish, garlic and onion.

It's not just antioxidants that fight free radicals and prepare your skin for the sun. Carotenoids also have a similar action. They help reduce the intensity of sunburns and promote pigmentation in your skin by stimulating the production of melanin responsible for your tan.


They are easy to recognize. These are foods rich in beta-carotene so all the colorful fruits and vegetables like tomato, melon, carrot, watermelon, peaches, spinach, apricots, etc.

You see, it's easy enough to eat well to prepare your skin for the sun.Healthy and natural foods will be your best allies to be able to tan in peace on the beach this summer. Do not hesitate to prepare yourself colorful dishes.

Also know that if cooking isn't your thing, there are also dietary supplements that prepare your skin for the sun. They should usually be taken a few weeks before the show.

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