L’importance d’une bonne organisation pour la perte de poids

The importance of good organization for weight loss

This is the time! You throw yourself (once again) headlong into an attempt to get back in shape and find the line… week 1, it's ok… week 2, it's already getting complicated, hummm I want to eat a pizza and I don't have the courage to cook… gone let's go, life is short after all! It's already the beginning of failure ... what if what you were missing was not just organization?

The organization is pulling back a few battles that have put in your wheels on the road to a healthier life. It is often through lack of organization and also through tiredness of our day that we go to the simplest: industrial dishes, fast food, snacking ... anything that slows down your results. For this, we recommend the Batch-cooking method! Do you know?

The word batch in English means in batch, to regroup, at once, etc. Batch-cooking is therefore the method of grouping together the preparation of several meals, or even all the meals of the week, over a few hours. So, for example, you can plan menus for the week and prepare them on Sunday, all you have to do is finish cooking or reheating a preparation every night of the week! No more excuses and guaranteed time savings to enjoy your loved ones or your leisure time.

Here is an example of a book on Batch-cooking, "In 2H, I cook for the whole week" that you can find in bookstores or on amazon , with different menus available depending on the seasons. You have a shopping list for each menu allowing you to save waste and cook seasonal products! In addition, in the same edition, you have batch-cooking books to cook all your lunch-boxes for the week or all of your children's meals! You even have a light version! There are of course many other books, we are simply presenting to you our favorite, tried and validated by Team LundiGo. It's up to you to find the batch-cooking work that suits you best to gain in organization.

Batch-cooking is therefore the perfect solution to respect your diet and save time!

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