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No motivation for sport: How to overcome laziness?

We have all already experienced cases of extreme laziness, especially to go to sport. But laziness, what is it? How can we overcome it and change our habits?  


Laziness is a lack of will, and also of self-discipline, be careful, we don't attack anyone! For sport, this often happens when you don't find what you're looking for: goals that are too high, too demanding on results, or even a lack of pleasure during practice... Don't panic, first of all , know that it takes an average of 21 days to change your habits, so if you keep up the pace during this time, it will be rooted in your daily life and the laziness will disappear. Now how to last 21 days? Here are a few tips !  

1.Find a sport we like!  

When we think of sport, it is quickly associated with the gym and fitness, but don't forget that there are a multitude of physical and sporting activities and that, inevitably, fitness is not suitable for all profiles! The whole thing is to enjoy going to your activity! To choose your sport, ask yourself a few questions to narrow down the possibilities:  

  • Individual or collective?  
  • Needs more cardio or muscles?  
  • Who can practice alone or I want a coach?  
  • Determine your budget  
  • Why do I want to exercise? (Weight loss, release, time for yourself, ...)  

There is bound to be a sport for you!  


2. Give yourself a reason  

Knowing why you do sport is essential for motivation. Practicing sport aimlessly won't lead to much if you tend to be lazy!  

Find WHY you want to exercise, everyone has a reason of their own. When you feel lazy coming on, remind yourself of that reason and remember that it will do you good.  


3. Know how to dissociate laziness from fatigue: and listen to your body  

Be careful all the same to dissociate laziness from fatigue! Sometimes you're going to be on your couch and not want to move, but why? Your body or mind may be tired! In this case, it is better to listen to your body and rest. If you have trouble distinguishing your state between the two, ask yourself the following question: If I was offered to go out now for a good restaurant, shopping or another activity that I enjoy, would my motivation return? If the answer is yes, it's just that you're too lazy to go to the sport! Come on, let's get motivated!  


4. Be proud of yourself  

It's not necessarily easy to be proud of yourself when your goals are too high. You have to know how to set achievable, progressive, but also quantifiable goals! Once you have set more reasonable goals, you will see, your sessions will be more satisfying, you will be more easily proud of yourself. And ending a session with a feeling of pride and satisfaction will give you more motivation to come back the next time!  

Do not hesitate to make a small notebook to note your progress and your victories, this will allow you to better visualize your progress in relation to the objectives.  


5. Small details that work  

To motivate yourself, you can also prepare small pleasures for your session:  

  • Make a playlist according to your mood!  
  • Buy an outfit in which you feel good!  
  • Prepare an appetizing and healthy snack for the end of the session!  


Come on, you have no more excuses, let's go play sports!  

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