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How to slim down in size?

Are you looking to slim down? After many attempts, you can't reach your goals? Do you feel that your failures are linked to your metabolism and your morphology? Do not give up ! Here are some tips for slimming down.
  • food

We have known it for a long time, food is essential in the stages of weight loss or refinement. To slim down in size, there are a few simple rules to apply.
Promote fiber with fruits and vegetables
    • Promote fiber

Fiber is excellent for reducing the risk of bloating and constipation. Increasing your doses of fiber promotes a healthy diet and healthy intestinal transit. Fiber is of course present in fruits and vegetables, but also in cereals.

Walnut oil, rich in omega 3

    • Omega 3 your best ally

Omega 3 is a powerful energy metabolism accelerator. They help the body burn calories and speed up the breakdown of fat. Omega-3s are not produced naturally by the body, but rest assured, many foods are a source of omega-3s such as salmon, rapeseed, walnut or grapeseed oils.

Green tea, excellent draining and detoxifying

    • Consume green tea

Green tea is an excellent drainer for the body thanks to its content of antioxidants and catechins. It has a fat burning and diuretic effect, but also detoxifying which will help you in your slimming goal.

Green tea can be consumed throughout the day, but be careful not to take it in the hours before bed, it can prevent you from sleeping.

Find alternatives to sugar

    • Reduce sugar

Unsurprisingly, sugar does not help you in your slimming process. It is often difficult to part with your sweet habits, so we advise you to replace it with sweet alternatives that help you reduce your consumption.
Stand up straight to strengthen your abs
  • stand up straight

It started out simple as advice, you might say, and yet! Standing up straight does more for you than you think. This practice allows you to strengthen your abdominal belt, in addition to relieving your back, it will help you lose weight more quickly.

Daily physical exercise to lose weight

  • physical exercises

Of course, physical exercise is essential to help you lose weight. We know that it's not always easy to get actively involved in sport. For this we give you a simple exercise to work the obliques that you can do when you have free time.

Stand up straight with your arms along your body and swing from left to right. Your hands should be as close to your knees as possible.

  • Test the Slimming & Detox treatment

Finally, carrying out a course of food supplements can help you reinforce the benefits of other actions. Our Slimming & Detox cure will help you achieve your goals while providing you with diffused energy throughout the day. A real ally for your daily life.

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