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End-of-year festive menus: look no further (2)!

Did the first menu not make you salivate enough? Come on, we have a new one for you that might tempt you even more.

Second menu proposal

You can then start this meal with a light and easy starter that you can accompany with a salad: 2 or 3 shrimp alms on a leek fondue per plate and you will delight your guests . This starter is admittedly simple, but the chaplain immediately gives a refined touch, perfect for a festive meal. For the dish, we thought that Tagliatelle with chestnuts, pine nuts, grapes and treviso would change traditional dishes of this period and bring original flavors. Plus, if a few of your guests are vegetarians, you'll be a hit with them!

The sweet touch you were waiting for and we found you a typical Christmas recipe, the famous log but be careful with no added sugar , enough to indulge yourself without feeling guilty!

Please give us a feedback if you try this menu for the holidays or even for any other occasion!

Shrimp alms on a leek fondue - Recipe available on the My Healthy Recipes website here .

Tagliatelle with chestnuts, pine nuts, grapes and treviso - © Valéry Guedes - Recipe available on the website here .

No sugar added Christmas log - Recipe available on the Cosmic Tomatoes website here .

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