Menus de fête de fin d'année : ne cherchez plus (1) !

End-of-year festive menus: look no further (1)!

The holidays are approaching and there comes the eternal question of what we are going to be able to prepare to delight the taste buds of our guests while respecting our line. The endless search then begins. You have a hard time finding recipes that really celebrate while being healthy. Look no further, we have done this research for you and we have found 3 perfect menus for the holidays that will combine pleasure and balance. We are sharing one with you today and we will make you wait a little bit to discover the following on the Mondays for the next two Mondays just to leave you salivating.

First menu proposal

So we start with this first Party Menu rather easy to make so no excuse, everyone in the kitchen! As a starter a salmon soup which will not stall the guests from the start of the meal but also it will do good to the stomach if an appetizer that is a little too rich before dinner. For the main course, a duck breast and roasted pumpkin with miso-peanuts will allow you to stay in balance while providing original flavors. This starter and main course will make room for a dessert from elsewhere that is a little sweet and original: a Pavlova with cashew cream.

Please give us a feedback if you try this menu for the holidays or even for any other occasion!

Velouté de saumon - © Valéry Guedes

Salmon velouté - © Valéry Guedes - Recipe available on the website here .

Duck breast and roasted pumpkin with miso-peanuts - © Valéry Guedes - Recipe available on the website here .

Pavlova with cashew cream - © Virginie Garnier - Recipe available on the website here .

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