Manger en pleine conscience

Eat mindfully

We are in a time where we have access to everything quickly, which makes us impatient, we no longer take the time to do things. Therefore, we no longer realize what we are doing. We do everything mechanically, for example we walk mechanically, we do not think about the mechanism that allows us to do this, the sensations we feel while doing it and we do this for each of our actions, especially for our food. Some people eat while doing other things to "optimize" their time: driving to go to work while having a bite to eat for example, eating while reading the newspaper, eating while walking, reducing the time they take meals… During this period peculiarity of containment, you may realize it a little more. Now you have time and you realize everything you were doing at high speed. Mindful eating will mean taking the time, listening to the needs of your body and being aware of each act related to eating. Take advantage of this period to try to implement this method.

But, eating mindfully, what's the point?

This will make it easier for you to enjoy the moment, to feel the point of fullness more easily. This will therefore lead us to eat better and less while enjoying eating more. It will then promote your weight loss if you do not eat mindfully and eat well until then.

Here are some tips that will get you started on this path:

  • Exercise in eating in the dark so that you are focused on the smells, the flavors, the texture in the mouth so that you have full attention to what you are eating.
  • Write these feelings down, what was the reason that made you eat (out of desire, out of hunger, it was mealtime, to fill a gap ...). Describe your plate, foods, textures. Writing allows you to visualize things better, to remember them better and it will allow you to realize things and therefore to eat consciously.
  • After your meal, you can then write down 10 sensations felt during the meal. If it is difficult for you to find 10, list what exactly prevented you from feeling so many sensations (the fact of watching television at the same time, a discussion, an activity ...).
  • It is also important to listen to your hunger signals. Your body has known how to do it since you were born; you just need to relearn how to listen to it in order to pick up these signals that will prevent you from eating out of boredom or in too much of it.

There are probably other tips for achieving mindfulness, however, these little exercises are a good introduction to get you started. Please feel free to share your feedback and tips with us for those who already eat mindfully.

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