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Superfoods: a fad?


We hear a lot about these miraculous "foods", for a few years now, they are in all the bowlcakes, porridges and smoothies of our influencer friends!

But what about their effects on the body, are they really beneficial for us or is it just a successful communication operation?

Today we are going to see together the benefits of these great components!

What is a super food?

A super food can be found in many forms, they can consist of berries, vegetables, seeds or seaweed. These foods generally have a very high content of "nutritional substances" which are necessarily beneficial for your body.

They are 100% natural and cover 100% of an individual's daily needs.

Why eat these super foods?

Mainly to maintain or improve our health, and to do this, we must give our body foods with high nutritional added values. Super foods are rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, recognized as being essential for the proper functioning of the body.

It is therefore a real vitamin cocktail that generates many benefits:

  • Protects the cardiovascular system
  • Fights stress and fatigue
  • Promotes a good immune system
  • Lowers cholesterol, diabetes
  • Slows down the cellular system

They can be used in the short term, temporarily or over a longer period of prevention.

Which super foods to choose?

The berries

Goji berries

Often used in natural medicine, one of the most popular superfoods and best known to the general public. Of Asian origin, ultra anti-oxidant, they protect the body and therefore allow "aging in good health", moreover they therefore slow down skin aging. They are a very interesting detox ally because they promote the evacuation of toxins. They fight against temporary fatigue and stimulate the immune system.

In short they are extremely beneficial and consumed regularly they can be used in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, they effectively reduce blood pressure.

Be careful, however, they are diuretics but consumed in too large a quantity they can cause constipation! Therefore to consume regularly but in a moderate way!

The "Cranberry" (or Cranberry)

From an Amerindian plant, very rich in phyto-nutrients. Anti-oxidants just like goji berries, they also protect against cavities, urinary tract infections,

Very low in calories, half a bowl is only 25 calories! To be consumed dry or in the form of cranberry juice.

Be careful never to add sugar in your preparations because it will tend to cancel out the benefits of this super fruit.

The juice should not be used for people suffering from cystitis, as it will worsen their condition.

The cocoa bean

Studies show that people who consume chocolate live a year longer than others! Knowing therefore that chocolate is made from cocoa which itself comes from the cocoa bean, we let you imagine what can cause this super-food in its pure state!

They can be eaten as they are, powdered or crushed. Use it to accompany your hot drinks, in your desserts, sauces or in your dishes.

There are many berries that we will not see in the subject of this article (Muleberry (blackberry), Aronia bay, Physalis ...), however do not hesitate to inquire more because they are extremely beneficial and can help you respond positively to any dysfunction you have!

The seeds

Chia seeds

It is a super-plant, herbaceous, relatively small and circular in shape, they can remind the texture of poppy seed. They can take several colors, black, beige, brown, white, gray ...

They contain 23/24% protein on average, so they are very popular and used by athletes, vegetarians and vegans! Rich in Omega 3, a fatty acid that the human body cannot manufacture by itself, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, promotes concentration and memory. The seeds also contain Omega 6 in smaller quantities but still significant because they participate in a better cardiovascular system.

Rich in fiber, chia seeds promote good intestinal transit, even prevent certain cancer and type 2 diabetes. Like other super foods, they contain many anti-oxidants and vitamins!

Incorporate them in your breakfasts and in your salads for example!

Squash seeds

They are extracted from the pumpkin, just like the cranberry, they promote a better urinary system, prevent inflammatory diseases. They are diuretics. They can also act on intestinal parasites because they are a natural dewormer.

In winter they can be very beneficial against fatigue and anemia.

Serve your salads and squash seed dishes to fill up with nutrients while indulging you because they taste great! ;)

The Guarana

Very popular with athletes, guarana improves the quality of your training, performance and ultimately facilitates weight loss. It provides diffused energy throughout the day, when taken at the right time, it also helps prevent sleep disturbances by promoting deep, restful sleep.

Our Unicaslim treatment is notably composed of Guarana to boost the metabolism and accelerate your weight loss!

UNICASLIM 14 DAYS for a loss of 3 to 4 kilos (*)
UNICALIM 30 DAYS for a loss of 4 to 8 kilos (*)

(*) Individual results may vary. The products must be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.



It is a spirulated algae that has existed for several billion years. Contains a very high amount of protein, very low in calories. It has anti-oxidant properties, fights diabetes, promotes a good immune system and effectively lowers cholesterol.

Excellent source of iron, gaminolenic acid, a fatty acid from the Omega 6 family.

The Klamath

From the family of "blue green" algae such as Spirulina or Chlorella, it is even richer in vitamins, nutrients and trace elements than Spirulina.

It stimulates the immune system, promotes better intellectual activity, generates better concentration and memory.



One of the most famous plants in the world not only for its properties and its impact on the general health of individuals but also on the skin, widely used in cosmetology

It is effective against constipation, gastric ulcers or acidity.

According to some studies, this "miraculous" plant could treat forms of cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and certain autoimmune diseases.

Used on the skin, the plant has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it accelerates healing, thus minimizing the entry of bacteria by forming a protective layer on the skin. (only for superficial wounds because it stimulates blood circulation, which could worsen deep wounds).

In parallel with external use, aloe vera can be used internally thanks to its juice, it can also be consumed in nectar or in the form of a smoothie. However, check the origin of the juice, it must be certified, aloe vera remains a specific plant that can cause side effects.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women must absolutely avoid drinking it during the entire period of pregnancy and breastfeeding because the plant can have harmful effects (uterine contraction, premature birth, miscarriage ...). You can also be allergic to this plant without knowing it, to check, apply a little gel on your arm for a few minutes, if no reaction appears after 10/15 minutes, you can consume or apply it without problem. .

If you have any doubts, always ask your doctor for advice, who will give you the green light or not.

What do you think of superfoods, are you convinced? Have you ever consumed this type of component? If so, which is your favorite?

If this article seems useful to you, do not hesitate to share it with those around you!

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