La routine spéciale confinement.

The special confinement routine.

Containment is back! Although we may think it is a difficult time to live, it can still mean positive change for you, your goals and your daily routine. It is actually a particularly favorable time for various challenges.
Today, we share with you a routine to adopt to make life easier during this confinement. It can also herald many timely changes as our habits change, it's up to you to decide to change for the better!


Teleworking is strongly recommended during this pandemic period and especially since the announcement of the containment! Move into a corner if you don't have an office to separate your personal life from your professional working hours. Set up an hourly planning and a to-do list to boost your productivity without overloading yourself!


Containment does not necessarily mean headache , psychological blockage or burden. Clear your mind and reserve a few hours a week for yourself and especially without a screen!


With sport, diet will be particularly decisive to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of confinement.
Add teleworking, the nutritional rhythm will not necessarily be the same, listen to your body and eat mindfully ! We have an article about it!


Remember the French gained an average of 2.5 kilos during the first confinement!
To avoid resuming bad habits, adopt a regular sports routine to move as little as possible, especially in telework where movements
and your metabolism slow down drastically!
Many training lives on social networks will take place during this confinement, stay tuned and take advantage of these lives to resume a good routine!

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