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The frustration of diets

Are you feeling bad about yourself? You do not know how to manage food and food rebalancing?

First of all, first of all, we say STOP to FRUSTRATION of diets!

Different from a diet, rebalancing is a different approach that encourages you to adopt new eating habits, but also a healthier lifestyle more generally. Indeed, more and more people wishing to lose weight shun diets, which are most often synonymous with frustrations, nutritional deficiencies, and which once completed result in a strong regain of weight.

This is why food rebalancing, which is more lasting, seems much more interesting for shedding extra pounds and stabilizing your weight over the long term.

Losing weight without frustration when you follow a diet, it's complicated, there are always small phases of demotivation: the pounds do not go off as quickly as we would like, we are hungry and constantly want to crack, everything by berating each other at the slightest deviation that we allow ourselves. In short, the frustration reaches its height, as does the desire to give up ...

This is why LundiGo helps you fight against the frustration which is our number 1 enemy of current slimming regimes, we are going to take stock together, learn how to get rid of it, to lose weight with a light mind.

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How to limit the frustration?
When you follow a diet and you are hungry, you want to crack, and that's when the frustration reaches its peak. Here are some very simple and easy-to-follow tips to lose weight without feeling hungry or feeling frustrated:
• You NEVER skip a meal, otherwise you are guaranteed cravings and frustration! ? We don't forget the starchy foods, which satiate while providing energy to help us keep going.

• A meal = 20 minutes minimum, in order to let satiety set in.

• Take the time to chew in order to assimilate all the foods.

• In addition to the 3 meals a day, a snack at 11 am and 4 pm will allow you to put aside the nibbles before- having dinner. Another step towards a life without frustration. Snack breaks are very important and can really help you fight frustration: with for example an apple, a low-fat cottage cheese, a handful of dried fruits and a square of dark chocolate, you will be able to wait a long time until the next meal. / p>

• When on a diet what can cause frustration is feeling bored at the table and always eating the same thing. The key to avoiding getting frustrated, then, is variety!

• And to diversify our menus as much as possible, there's nothing like going to the market to stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

• To break the kitchen routine a little, the variety can also come from the different types of cooking (braising, simmering, stewing, grilling, marinating, poaching, sautéing, roasting, cooking in foils ...) and seasonings ! Spices and condiments will be your next best friends!

There is something for all tastes and flavors!
We stop feeling guilty at the slightest excess, we forget the diets and we opt for a real food rebalancing by eating everything in reasonable quantities.

This is the secret to a healthy lifestyle!

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