Winter is coming… et les insuffisances en vitamine D aussi !

Winter is coming… and vitamin D deficiency too!

The consequences of insufficient vitamin D

Winter is approaching, therefore, the sun is getting more and more scarce and we are less outside, due to the cold, to take advantage of the benefits of the remaining sun rays. The sun is a natural source allowing the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin. UV intensity from November to March is often less than in spring or summer.

Okay, there is less sun; okay, we get less vitamin D, so what?

A lack of vitamin D is a source of many difficulties and in the long term it can create significant health problems.

Indeed, you must have already felt during this time of year a drop in morale and motivation. This "seasonal depression" is partly due to a lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency can also cause muscle weakness or loss of bone density after your 50s .

We often see in overweight or obese people a lack of vitamin D and studies have proven that vitamin D supplementation would then promote weight loss in such a situation .

To get through this period without difficulty, we advise you to take advantage of the least rays of sun. 15 min of sun exposure would allow enough vitamin D to be produced during the spring and summer seasons. in summer versus 2 hours in winter! This would be due to weaker UV radiation but also because we cover ourselves a lot more during this season.

It can sometimes be complicated to benefit from vitamin D thanks to the sun's rays, so there are over-the-counter food supplements in pharmacies , general practitioners can also prescribe for you ampoules containing this vitamin . Certain foods are also rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish, egg yolks and mushrooms.

Another, perhaps less well-known, solution that you can explore is Light Therapy .

Light therapy, particularly through desk or mood lamps, can faithfully reproduce the sun's rays. It provides your skin with the necessary "dose" of UVB rays, triggering by there is the production of vitamin D by the body. You can find these lamps for an entry-level price of 39.99 euros, with the price increasing steadily depending on the quality, brand expertise and wattage of the lamp.

Here we go, you know everything (or almost), you can now prepare to spend this winter in all serenity by filling up with vitamin D to keep in shape and on course for your goals!

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