Halloween : TOP 5 des mythes sur la perte de poids qui font peur !

Halloween: TOP 5 scary weight loss myths!

This Halloween season, we thought it might be fun to give you a list of the worst phrases you've heard about weight loss!

What to have goosebumps...

  • "You can watch your diet as much as you want, as long as you don't exercise, you won't get results"

FAKE ! On the contrary, diet is the main player in weight loss . It is possible to lose weight by rebalancing your diet and without practicing sports. Conversely, doing intensive sports while continuing to eat poorly will not bring you any results.

Ideally, it is necessary to carry out a regular physical practice accompanied by a healthy diet to lose weight.

  • "The best way to get there is to deprive yourself of the little pleasures"

Beware of this! For many people, depriving yourself of something has the opposite effect on the brain. Depriving yourself of small pleasures can make you want to take them even more and can therefore become your worst enemy. In addition to giving in more regularly than normal, you can get frustrated and compensate with something else (not necessarily better for your health), or even trigger a drop in morale.

The ideal is to grant yourself some controlled pleasures according to your diet so as not to create frustration. The occasional indulgence has no effect on your weight loss.

  • "Calculate your BMI, you will find your ideal weight"

The body mass index (BMI) often used by specialists in the medical field makes it possible to know the body mass thanks to a calculation based on the weight and the height of the subject.

But it is often misused. This index should be taken with a grain of salt. Indeed, it does not take into account the gender or even the age of the person, although these are two parameters that have an impact on weight. In addition, it calculates body mass as a whole and does not take muscle mass into account (some athletes therefore find themselves overweight according to their BMI).

  • “Diets are good for your health”

Of course, losing weight can be important for your health. But repeatedly dieting can be very dangerous. In addition to being able to generate deficiencies (depending on the diets chosen), diets can cause you to enter a yoyo effect of your weight which is not good for you or for your mental health...

  • " If I don't eat a lot I will lose weight"

No way ! Over a short period of time, you'll lose weight, but you'll also run out of energy . Your metabolism will surely slow down and your body will want to store calories instead of eliminating them as a "survival" reflex.

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