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How to stop snacking?

This has happened to everyone before: a sudden urge to snack! Sometimes it's because a craving hits you, and other times you're not even hungry when the craving hits you.

Snacking can occur at several times: when you are bored snacking seems a good occupation, when you are stressed your cortisol level increases which promotes appetite, and finally, quite simply when you are hungry.

We offer you 5 tips to avoid snacking in order to improve your diet!

Eat enough during meals

It is better to eat your fill during meals rather than reducing your quantities and finally giving in to snacking later in the day.

Promote snacks

The ideal is to anticipate cravings and create a rhythm. Plan a healthy snack to avoid throwing yourself on cakes from colleagues or chips from the machine. Here are some snack ideas:

  • The fruits
  • Dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, raisins, etc.)
  • A yogurt
  • A little dark chocolate
  • Or a homemade preparation like granola

Playing sports, a real appetite suppressant!

Sport has a natural appetite suppressant effect. If it is possible for you, exercise during your lunch break to reduce your feeling of hunger in the afternoon. Don't forget to have a snack shortly before your practice.

Drink water

We saw it in “ How to drink more water? What will it do for me? ” water has many benefits, such as the appetite suppressant effect which allows you to snack less.

Are these tips not effective enough?

You can always do a Unicaslim cure which is known for its appetite suppressant effect. You can adapt the daily intake to your usual cravings for an adapted effect.

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