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The cult of thinness and appearance today

Have you ever been told "Hey, are you doing well?" "," You've gained a little weight, haven't you? When you were feeling good about yourself? Or conversely, "But you're too thin, what do you want to lose, a bone?" "? As a result, this little thought has caused your self-esteem to skyrocket.

But where does this cult of thinness and appearance come from?

This phenomenon has been around for years but has certainly gained momentum with the rise of social media that gave birth to influencers. The latter, by their activity, are brought to share a life rich in activities, trips and glitter; they make people want to identify with them in order to better "influence". These networks have also given more visibility to the world of beauty and fashion. Today, Fashion Weeks are broadcast live by the brands themselves or by those present at the event. Added to this are all the magazines promoting slimming and the new miracle diets that allow you to lose a certain number of pounds in record time.

People ask for dreams and they are given them, but the risk of advocating a benchmark beauty model is to create deviant eating behaviors in people (sometimes the youngest) wanting at all costs to stick to this image which for many is that of society today.

However, another trend is gradually making its entry, particularly driven by certain brands. The body positive is a movement encouraging the acceptance of oneself and others whatever the peculiarities of one's body: whether it has shapes, freckles, the sign of an illness or any sign that can be considered. as atypical. And that, at LundiGo, we love it!

Many brands are supporting this movement and are working to shake up the codes and to change the diktats of today's society. We can cite the Dove brand with very committed advertising campaigns, H&M highlighting round models in its summer 2019 campaign or even many lingerie brands which are increasingly advertising with women of different body types on a same photograph.

We certainly offer a slimming food supplement, however, at LundiGo, we are committed to self-acceptance and to everyone and we do not want to encourage people to lose weight beyond their healthy weight. We want to support, through our activity, people in their goals, whatever they may be, in their desire to be in harmony with themselves. A round person has the right to want to only lose 2-3 kg and not 15 if that is how he will feel good. A person considered thin in the eyes of public opinion also has the right to want to lose a few pounds, perhaps after a few excess weight gained weight? Maybe that's just how she feels good. As long as it does not go against the health of these people, we respect each other's goals. We hope to be able to contribute, at our level, to changing attitudes.

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