20 conseils simples à appliquer au quotidien pour réduire son impact environnemental

20 simple tips to apply on a daily basis to reduce your environmental impact

Today, the environmental cause is a predominant subject in society. And for good reason, studies for the future are not optimistic about household pollution. To do this, we offer you simple actions to take at home to reduce your environmental impact. 


In the House :

  • Unplug your devices when you go away for the weekend, 
  • Change your light bulbs with low consumption ones, 
  • Refuse advertisements from your mailbox,  
  • Before turning on the heating, put on a sweater and take a plaid to delay the ignition,  
  • If possible, collect rainwater in a bucket to water your plants,  

In the kitchen :

  • Filter your tap water with ceramic beads, 
  • Invest in a water bottle that makes you want to use it, 
  • Prepare your menus for the week to avoid waste,  

In the closet :

  • Donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away,  
  • Go take a look at the local thrift stores when you need to buy an item of clothing,  


In the bathroom:

  • Use solid soap and shampoo or favor large bottles,  
  • Replace your make-up remover cotton pads with a washcloth or washable wipes,  


At work :

  • Prepare your lunch boxes in advance,
  • Sort through your emails and empty your trash,
  • Put a plant on your desk,

For races:

  • Buy your dry foods in bulk, 
  • Buy, or make, reusable fabric bags for vegetables and bulk,
  • Take only seasonal fruits and vegetables, 

In the neighborhood :

  • Find out about composting points for your organic waste,
  • Travel on foot or by bike for short trips rather than the car. 


And above all, don't forget to talk about it to those around you, to raise awareness in your turn!  

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