La charge mentale, comment la réduire ?

Mental load, how to reduce it?

What is mental load?

"Coming home from work tonight, I have to do some shopping, so think about the next menus for the week to make a list. Then I have to prepare the evening meal, do the dishes, and finally, I'll be able to . .. oh no, I have to re-read my company's project for tomorrow's presentation...!"

The mental load, that's it! It is the accumulation of things that we have on our "To Do List" and that we think about during our work, or when we return home. More precisely, "it is defined by the fact of having to think simultaneously about things belonging to two physically separate worlds. For example, the mother at work who thinks about what she must do in the evening when she comes home"

It can be domestic, professional or a combination of both. This load can lead to a feeling of submersion which is bad for mental health.

What are the signs of a high mental workload?

The most common signs of a heavy mental load are:

  • Mental fatigue
  • Stress
  • Irritability
  • Lack of sleep (thinking too much when going to bed)
  • Message from the body (headaches, nausea, back pain, skin problems, ...)
  • Decreased productivity and lack of concentration

How to reduce your mental load?

Create an organized routine

To do this, all you have to do is anticipate: organize your days by planning your actions. The goal is to learn to prioritize your tasks and not have to think about them during the day.

  • Write directly on your shopping list the products you have just finished
  • Prepare your lunch bag in the evening rather than in the morning run
  • Plan your menus for the week at once and take out your shopping list to avoid always thinking about the next meal

To delegate

  • Create a synced To Do List with your partner, colleague, or anyone else you might delegate to
  • If you have children, involve them in daily tasks
  • Ask for help and accept that it is a normal action

Let go and take a step back

  • Include personal time in your weekly schedule
  • Clear your mind outdoors or with activities different from your daily life
  • Try meditation, 5 to 10 min in the morning before starting the day
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