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Anti-pimples tips

Summer is approaching and with it its train of nuisances. There is one particularly annoying one that can ruin a vacation. I'm talking about Culex Pipiens or Culcidae, that is, mosquito (or if you prefer stiqmou; o). Whether common or tiger, it is a pest that can turn a balmy summer evening on a patio into a nightmare.

Against him you will find many so-called miracle products on the market. Balm, ointment, spray, gel, lamp, spiral to burn, etc. While their effectiveness is widely questionable, their environmental impact is not. Nothing natural in all of this.

What are the simple, healthy, eco-responsible and natural alternative solutions to fight against mosquitoes?

In this blog, you will find tips and effective recipes for natural mosquito repellents and solutions to soothe itching associated with bites

The easiest way to develop your mosquito defense plan is to start with the plants. Many of them have natural mosquito repellent properties mainly through the smell they give off which bothers these little animals.

Placed at strategic places in the house, garden or terrace, they will distill their odorous mosquito repellent kryptonite in addition to beautifying your environment.

The most famous of all is citronella . You can find it in multiple forms, spray, candle, cream, essential oils, etc. But it's just as easy and economical to plant it in a planter on your bedroom window sill. It will effectively protect you from nocturnal mosquito attacks. What could be more irritating and unpleasant than the persistent Bzzzz Bzzzz of the beating of a mosquito's wings at 2 a.m. when you sleep peacefully; o)

Less known for its mosquito repellent properties than for its taste qualities, basil is also an effective weapon. Like lemongrass, its smell strongly annoys mosquitoes. A bouquet on your bedside table or a pot on the windowsill are good protection. In addition, its leaves, with soothing and antiseptic properties, will calm any bites. You just need to rub them with a few leaves. The same goes for tomato leaves which can effectively protect your arms and legs.

This plant is often the subject of a friendly fight between neighbors. The geranium is the pride of many budding gardeners who often think that theirs are more beautiful than those of the neighbor (the secret is to put coffee grounds in the earth, according to my Grandmother ). Since geranium has an odor similar to lemongrass, it has its place in the summer mosquito repellent arsenal just like Lemon balm or Carnations , particularly effective against these small pests. < / p>

lavender has a double advantage over mosquitoes. Its sweet scent delights us, but mosquitoes don't and it also soothes their bites. So don't hesitate to use it like lemongrass in strategic places in the house or garden. The mint also has this double virtue of soothing repellent. It is even more effective in the form of gasoline.

Dalmatian pyrethrum is probably the lethal weapon against mosquitoes. It directly attacks their nervous system and prevents females from biting us. They grow easily so why not?

Finally, , we can mention garlic which also repels mosquitoes and vampires.The most effective is to let a few cloves of garlic macerate for several hours in hot water and then spray the decoction around the doors and windows. The same is true for eucalyptus . Just bring 250-300 grams of eucalyptus leaves to a boil in a quart of water for 45 minutes and then spray around the openings of the house.

What are the different easy-to-use preparations for controlling mosquitoes?

When camping or in the middle of nature, for example, it is not necessarily easy to have your pot of basil or lemongrass with you. Fortunately, there are a few quick tips to put in place to ensure our anti-mosquito protection.

One of the most famous weapons is probably the Clove . Planting a few in half a lemon or an orange and placing them in the middle of the table is very effective against mosquitoes. You can also steep a handful of it in water for a few hours. You filter and then add mild shampoo, mixing well. You can then apply this preparation to your arms and legs. In addition it smells very good.

Another easy preparation to apply to the skin. The Lemon thyme . Just take a little thyme, lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil and mix everything together.

You can also use a few drops of Cinnamon essential oil mixed with a little water. Spray it on the skin like a regular mosquito repellent, making sure to mix well before use. You can also do the same with an infusion of chamomile flowers or just apple cider vinegar.

coffee grounds is also very effective against mosquitoes. You just have to let it dry and then burn it on a plate on a windowsill. It is 100% eco-responsible recycling and protection.

Another very simple and effective tip, the plate with soapy water. Mosquitoes will be attracted to the standing water, and the suds in the dish soap will act like a spider's web.

A few general tips to scare away mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are usually attracted to dark colors and bite through clothing that is too close to the body. So choose a loose outfit in light colors.

These little pests usually shy away from yellow light. So use a bulb of this color to repel them.

This last weapon is probably the most effective because it calls upon the laws of physics. I mean the fan. A mosquito weighs on average 5 milligrams and flies at around 2km / h. You can easily imagine what the breath of a fan can do on a mosquito in flight. Double effect of the fan, it also disperses the carbon dioxide emissions that we release into the air and which attract mosquitoes.

We hope you have a great summer with these tips and the mosquitoes let you enjoy the good weather. Do not hesitate to leave us your mosquito repellent tips in the comments. We will be happy to share them.

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